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Cordinates: 37o 16' 04" N, 79o 56' 26"W
Altitude is about 1050 feet (320 meters)

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RVAS Page Banner : The Horsehead and Flame Nebulae in Orion

By Clem Elechi

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MONTHLY ZOOM MEETING: Monday, September 20th, 7:30 p.m. How long have you been involved in amateur astronomy? Five years? Decades? Just starting? It goes without saying that all of us who enjoy amateur astronomy are on never-ending learning paths, each unique and personal, with similarities to and differences from those of our fellow amateurs. For our featured September Zoom meeting program, Mike Hutkin and Carson Ray are teaming up to share highlights of their experiences in becoming amateur astronomers. Mike, our Vice President, is retired from a dual career in electrical engineering and teaching. Carson’s in high school, a voracious reader on astronomy and avid observer, who just might pursue career in the field.

Separated by generations, what commonalities and what divergences will they express—and, in the process, remind each of us of our own pathways? Be sure to join us on September 20th for their engaging, enjoyable program, and our other meeting activities. Watch for your Zoom invitation during the weekend prior to the meeting.

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